Why Do We Eat So Oldschool? It’s The 21st Century!

👉 Why are we still eating in such a historical way while being surrounded by all this technological development? I’ve coined the term #historicalfood in a context of what’s currently possible in regards to food and nutrition.

The goal of this video is to kickstart a conversation about how we eat nowadays.

It’s not meant to point fingers but to raise eyebrows. I think the central aspect of the leap forward is curiosity. So if you’re curious about the future of food perhaps the best way to start your journey is to ask yourself what you want from food and figure out ways of recognizing emotional patterns when it comes to food consumption.

Sounds like a mouth full? Well distinguishing a simple thing such as appetite and hunger is already a great way to see how you react to that specific feeling. Or perhaps you could track your sleep and your food intake for one week and see if you come across any patterns there?

I guess my main point is that if we try to see food more as a tool rather than just a way to enjoy we can make loads of progress in stepping into the future of food.

Thanks a lot for watching this video, and hopefully this text!