NonFood Algae Bar

👉 Nonfood is food company with roots in contemporary art. Their first product, Nonbar consist of 45% algae. The tastes are something I can hardly describe. It’s fresh, funky and takes you on a ride down unknown lands of flavor exploration.

Algae are an excellent source of protein, fiber, and amino acids. Algae has the potential to become a new and sophisticated food staple due to its nutrient dense aspects as well as the remarkably less ecological footprint compared to more traditional food crops such as soy.

For those who have tried algae the first thing that comes to mind in regards to the taste is its fishy flavor. And yes, when eaten raw or in the unprocessed form it tends de an acquired taste.

This first prototype of the Nonbar does a superb job when it comes to taste and smell. There is little to no resemblance of algae flavor or odor making it very accessible for algae newbies.

📚Interviews Nonfood/Sean Raspet
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Sean Raspet in conversation with Ceci Moss

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