Morning Recovery The Cure Against Hangovers??

👉Morning Recovery gained a lot of buzz after they raised 100K in just 10 days on Indiegogo. The idea behind this new drink is simple. No More Hangovers! So I put it to the test, check out this video if you want to know more.

My first thought was, yeah right another hyped up anti-hangover drink. For as long as I have been drinking (currently, I’m sober) I’ve known that hangovers are an unavoidable consequence. Just deal with, right? Well if it’s up to Morning Recovery hangovers are a thing of the past. The specifics about this can be found in their Indiegogo campaign video. In short, the revolutionary new ingredient that helps to cure your hangover is DHM.

As stated on the Morning Recovery website:

“DHM found inside Hovenia Dulcis has anti-oxidant activity supporting the body’s natural detoxification processes.”

Being sober I felt it was my duty to dive in headfirst and lose myself in a drinking binge like I did when I was an art school student. All for the sake of future food reports! I won’t spoil the results. Just check the video, and you’ll learn what my experiences where.

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