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You’ve probably purchased something from the Functional Food Vendor at the NEMO Science Museum. Or maybe you just got your hands on one of the flyers.

Either way, you are here, on this page, looking for more information🤓

Let us start with the beginning. The products you might have purchased from the Functional Food Vendor are Nootropics.

Nootropics is an umbrella description of a variety of cognitive food supplements. The most famous one is caffeine ☕️ It helps you get that wakeful feeling, an increase in energy and for some a sharpened focus.

But there are a wide variety of so-called Nootropics. I’ve experimented extensively with a lot of them while working on the documentary 12 Liquid Months.

There were a few products that stood out in how they affected me and my mental performance. I’ve made a selection of these products and chances are that you’ve purchased one of them.


This chocolate bar from Coffee Pixels is provided with 50mg of caffeine. Because you eat caffeine, it is absorbed more slowly by the body. This creates a gradual build-up and reduction of the effect of the caffeine.

I’ve consumed a lot of this chocolate coffee myself and also made a product review Check it out!


This Nootropic stack consists of a combination of caffeine, B vitamins, and plants and tea extracts such as L-Theanine
and Rhodiola Rosea.

The combination of these ingredients results in a perfectly balanced synergy of stamina and clarity that is known from strong coffee without the intense peak and crash that strong coffee can create.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine it’s advised to take one instead of two pills. You can also mix one or two pill into your breakfast or lunch smoothie. This will allow for a more gradual absorption of the ingredients which can be more pleasant. Do not take more than 2 pills at once!

Visit Omnimind’s website
for more information.


is a drug from the racetam family group. It promotes neuroplasticity and microcirculation in the blood. Research suggest
that it can have positive effects on complaints that arise from dementia, fear of heights, dizziness, and dyslexia.

It is good to know that there is not much scientific evidence for the claimed effects of Piracetam. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence regarding the effects of increased focus and concentration with the use of Piracetam.

After frequent personal use, I’ve added
Alpha GPC, a choline source that I found helpful in eliminating the side effect of subtle headaches.

Do not take more than the mentioned dosis!

I’d advise you not to take this Nootropic stack after midday as it might mess up your sleep. Ideally you wake up early and take it right after your breakfast. Also watch out with coffee as it might increase the focus effect and create a jittery and anxious feeling.


Lions Mane
is a medicinal mushroom of which research strongly suggests that it can play an essential role in protecting and repairing brain cells. Anecdotal evidence indicates that memory improves and, vocabulary increases.

Lions mane is also researched for its potential neural repair
properties. This could help fight dementia.

Rhodiola Rosea is a plant extract that is widely used in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. From these courses, it is indicated that it calms down restlessness.

The idea behind this stack is to give your mind the space to function optimally while maintaining your neurological health. Potentially🤓✌️


The three ingredients in this stack create a pleasant and subtle feeling of calmness so you can go to bed with a relaxed body and mind.

is an essential mineral that ensures, among other things, that bone muscles are working correctly. Besides that, it also has a slight calming effect.

L-Theanine is extracted from green tea. Research shows that L-Theanine reduces stress, anxiety, and nervousness.

is an adaptogen that is widely used within Aryuveda. It promotes peace of mind, improves concentration and helps with preventing stress.

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