Comp Gummy Japanese Complete Food Candy

👉 COMP Gummy is a complete food snack in the form of a gummy. Each bag is 200kcal. It has a wide variety of added nutrients which makes this snack a healthy candy.

COMP is a complete food brand based in Tokyo. Besides their powdered version they also make a gummy snack which comes very close to a winegum experience.

I you have to seen my ‘Historical Food’ video please check it out. There I talk about the great potential of complete foods and how I feel that it’s currently still in its infant fase if you look at the most common form; the shakes.

COMP Gummy is the perfect example of the next step in complete food products. It taps into a food habit that most people indulge in on a daily base; snacking. If you’re a sweet tooth and love candy this could be the perfect replacement for a bag of starch, sugars and pig bone residue.

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